Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Reason for no updates on this Blog since 25 February 2015

I need to apologize for not updating this Blog.  However the fault is not with me or Mossel Bay Weather Observation.  Parts of Mossel Bay experienced a ADSL Internet outage from the 26 th February.  When the service was restored I still could not connect via the ADSL line.  As I pay Telkom for the ADSL line and my Internet service provider separately, I established that my service provider was not at fault.  I tried to call Telkom every single day and listened to the same old tune for over half an hour with no response from their help desk.  None at all. I finally gave up and told my service provider to migrate my ADSL line to them so that I do not have to call Telkom when I have an ADSL problem.  Speedy service from my service provider ensured that I am now back on-line.  Eish - No service from 25/2/2015 - 2/3/2015. Really bad service from Telkom.  Thanks MWeb for sorting out my ADSL Internet line. Great to receive such great service from MWeb.  Okay there you have the reason for being off-line for so long.